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Tryouts for the 2023 NHYB Select Teams (aka travel baseball) will be held in September and October. If you are interested in having your son/daughter try out, please register here or use the registration tab on the League's website. Tryouts are open for players ages 7-12 for the 8U through 12U teams.


NHYB fields Select Teams at 8U through 12U age groups.  The "U" means the age group is open to players who are that age and under.  For example, 9U would be open to players age 9 and under.  Ages are determined by the birth date cutoffs and not necessarily the player's current age as some players will turn older during the season.   Tryouts for these teams are typically in Late September to Early October.  The league has been sending communications about tryout dates and times for each age group.


The NHYB Board of Directors elects Managers at each age group and the Managers have full discretion on selecting their teams.  Currently NHYB has 2 Teams (Red and Blue) at each age group other than 8U.  The Red team is our District Competitive Team and the Blue team is typically less competitive.  It is a requirement that a player must play NHYB Spring REC Baseball in order to be considered for a Select Team.


Time Commitment – Typically teams will practice 1 day per week during the Winter at an indoor facility.  In the Spring, in addition to REC, teams typically practice 1 day per week and play on Sundays.  In the Summer teams will typically play and practice most days of the week and weekends through July.  The Manager of the team creates the team schedule and has discretion.  Typical travel is no more than an hour from NHYB fields.  Some teams will play in away tournaments at further destinations at the Managers discretion.

Eligibility – Players are only eligible at their specific age groups.  At 8U, younger players are eligible since we do not have teams younger than 8.  Exceptions to this rule are possible based on NHYB Board approval.


Cost – Team Managers are responsible for the P&L of their team and can charge whatever is appropriate to cover their season cost.  Managers are required to keep records and submit to the league a detailed breakdown of costs.  Costs can range from $500-$1500 for the season depending on the amount of play ad practice.  Please do not let cost affect your decision to try out for a team.  The manager will be able to provide more details and potentially work out a payment plan if necessary.


The NHYB Board of Directors have confirmed the following Select Team Managers:


  8U Red


  8U Blue

Kane Kennon

  9U Red

Glenn Douglas

  9U Blue


10U Red

Josh Keister

10U Blue

David James

11U Red

Bill Schneider

11U Blue

Frank Esposito

12U Red

Mike Lynch

12U Blue

David Ross


Tryout Dates & Team Information:



9/23 at 6pm on J1


10/16 at 10am on J1




10/16 at 10am on J3s


10/9 at 10am on J2





 Please read the following section carefully.


  1. If you are interested in having your son or daughter playing on a Select Team for the 2023 season, they MUST register and attend a mandatory tryout.  The complete tryout schedule will be published soon.
  2. To be selected for the Select Team you must attend the tryout or advise the League why you cannot attend by emailing: .  Note that the league may attempt to schedule alternative dates for evaluations for those unable to attend their tryout on the assigned date.
  3. You must register by the day before your child’s scheduled try out.  There is no cost to register nor any costs to try out.  We will be sending out reminders to all on our email list and posting updates on the League's website.
  4. The tryouts for both “RED” and “BLUE” teams will be combined.  There will not be separate tryouts for “RED” and “BLUE” teams.  As such, if you desire your child to play on a “BLUE” team (if one can be formed) they MUST attend their assigned tryout.
  5. In order to play for the Select Team you must register and play in the NHYB Spring 2023 recreation season.
  6. The selection of the players that comprise the Select Teams is left to the sole discretion of that team’s Manager.
  7. If for some reason you cannot attend your mandatory evaluation due to a scheduling conflict you must notify the League ( ) and advise why you cannot attend.
  8. If your child misses their assigned try out, he/she will do so at their own peril.  Note that the purpose of the tryouts is to assist the Manager in selecting the team.
  9. The number of players chosen on the Winter/Spring Select Team is at the discretion of the Manager and will be no less than ten (10).










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